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My wife Dee and I have a good sex life together. But recently I had said what was not enough. Once every few months I had the desire to have a very lusty meeting with several men. he was surprised by this, but after some discussion we decided it was okay to go for their future, while I was seeing. I have to admit that the thought of his men while I watched several fuck, really turns me on. She was glad to hear this and promised to get a show. made ​​the arrangements. I do not know how, because I said so. As agreed, I knew in advance that would happen. One night I came home from work, and welcomed me into his coat. 'Tonight is the night,' he said. watchporn I immediately had an erection. We in the car as we drove to the meeting, told me that the rules of the game. I could see and masturbate, but nothing more. She had watchporn everything arranged, what could be watchporn done. A as they stopped in front of our goal, which waspanting in anticipation. I kissed her and went to the door. After a nice chapter rang opened the door and introduced himself as Peter. We entered the room and two other boys were watchporn the ones who introduced himself as Ron and Henry. Dee was helped out of his coat of Peter and she was there, wearing only high heels and theft. She looked fantastic. The boys looked at me and realized it was very sexy. She took to sitting on his lap and rubbed his face and chest following his round. Then he was invited to the coffee that is prepared and served to suspend all of its pages to them. watchporn I was sitting with the group involved in polite conversation. Dee was asked to sit on a couch in front of them, spread her legs and her pussy lips apart. I thought I would explode if I did. She turned and pulled her buttocks and displays everything from the other side I saw. Could through bulky pants they liked what they say, saw. Peter then decided it was time to go. Invited in the basement. All streamed there and went into a room that was very good. There was a gynecological table and several video cameras. Were changed to film the proceedings. Dee was invited to be on the table. The legs and body firmly bound. I was so excited about my cheeks felt hot to the touch. I sat watchporn on a stool in the corner. Dee was given a big black vibrator and asked their satisfaction. I knew that came with enthusiasm, crying aloud, however, as it always does. Now that she was naked and smeared the boys showed a rather large erection. The table was adjustable in height and was in a position where someone can get, set, while another person could get a blowjob. Peter was the first. It slowly slid into her pussy tool of Dee, which led them to be grateful sigh. Meanwhile, put his mouth Heny and offered his cock sucked greedily. Ron began the HIMSIf you look at the whole scene. I was masturbating furiously. The atmosphere was electric. Dee moans and groans, gasps, and Peter always faster, Henry enjoys the sensation, eyes closed, her face trembling. Everything seemed to be accelerating, which will be published in sperm Peter Dee beats several Dee mighty shout, which was again satisfied. Moments later, Henry put the sperm on the mouth Dee who can not swallow fast enough and had to run down her cheeks. Ron and I stopped masturbating for a moment to give Dee a chance to relax a little. Ron joined watchporn her. Fuck and cum angry quickly pump more semen inside her. When he retired, began to pour from her that turns me on much. So I'm running again soon masturbate my semen splashed on the floor. Time for a break. Dee was there and seemed very happy and radiant. After resting a little shit back for over an hour. Dee looking over everyone happyTime. Whenever I was tired, I smiled. Obviously he liked it. rang. Peter went up and came within a few minutes with four guys. ' Here,' pointing to Dee. 'What is that? ' Dee asked. ' Well, I wanted to be fucked, this is your opportunity,' said Peter. 'But it was accepted. ' 'Good' and after that, despite the protests of the new Dee and my children just released his erection and began to fuck her without even talking to her. Dee looked at me, while this was happening. In the first type of fear, but after a while, obviously, they began to enjoy the unexpected attention and brought watchporn moans and groans and screams while cumming. After enough new people (I had two watchporn laps each), left without saying goodbye. We have exhausted all N. Dee had completely disappeared and could barely stand, but he said he had enjoyed, even unexpected guests. We were promised copies of the video and wenthis house. Next week we have. Since then, sex while being fucked peer meetings with Dee. Sometimes meetings become gang explosions, like Dee loves attention and always happy.
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